How Listed Entities are Falling Foul of the New ESS Regime

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ASX entities who rely on Listing Rule exemptions to issue securities under their employee incentive schemes, and who also rely on the streamlined disclosure requirements in Division 1A of Part 7.12 of the Corporations Act may be inadvertently in breach of the provisions of the new employee share scheme regime (ESS Regime). Falling foul of […]

Embrace Change: Why You Need to Update Your Australian Employee Share Option Plan

If you haven’t updated your employee share plan yet, now is the time to act. On 1st October 2022, significant amendments to the Corporations Act came into effect, altering the regulations governing employee share schemes (ESS) in Australia. These changes were designed to make it easier for startups and other businesses to attract and retain […]

Shareholders Agreements: Seven Key Points Startups and Scaleups Should Consider

A Shareholders Agreement is crucial for most startups and scaleups, as well as many other companies. Here are seven key things startups and scaleups should consider when are thinking of putting a Shareholders Agreement in place: What stage is your company at? If your company has only one shareholder then you may be jumping the […]

Essential Components of Non-Disclosure Agreements for Australian Startups and Scaleups

A non-disclosure agreement (NDA) is a vital legal document that establishes confidentiality obligations between two parties regarding specific types of information. In the Australian startup industry, NDAs are commonly utilised in various scenarios, including in pre-contractual negotiations, employment relationships, contractor agreements, and governance documents for board members. These agreements ensure that individuals involved in the […]

How will the upcoming changes to unfair contract laws impact startups and scaleups?

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Significant changes to unfair contract terms laws (UCT) come into effect on 9 November 2023. These changes will affect businesses of all sizes, including startups and scale-ups that use standard form contracts when dealing with consumers or small businesses. The new unfair contract term laws are found in two different pieces of legislation – the […]

Welcome to Adventum Legal!

After many years of being asked by clients – “when are you starting your own thing” I decided to take the plunge. It wasn’t an easy decision, I’ve been very happy in the firms I’ve worked with. But like my entrepreneurial clients I’ve always had an inner drive to create my own startup. So I […]