Employee share plans

Empowering your workforce and driving success are crucial aspects of any thriving organisation. At Adventum Legal, we specialise in designing tailored employee share option plans that not only incentivise employees but also foster long-term engagement. Our expertise in this area allows us to create customised programs that align with your business goals and create a sense of ownership and commitment among your workforce.

Our experience includes:

  • Startups – assisting startups with employee share option plans which are designed to attract the startup tax concession. 
  • More mature businesses – assisting businesses that do not qualify for the startup tax concession, with adopting alternative solutions which can provide similar tax and financial outcomes for employees. 
  • Multinational businesses – we have helped clients establish plans not only in Australia, but also navigating the inconsistencies of laws in different jurisdictions. 
  • Management buyouts – we assist current management teams with executing on a buy out of their existing business.  

We have particular knowledge in preparing: 

  • Employee share option plans.
  • Loan funded plans. 
  • Disclosure documents. 
  • Employee share trusts. 

We navigate the legal and regulatory requirements associated with employee share option plans, ensuring compliance with applicable laws and regulations. Our expertise in corporate and securities laws allows us to design plans that adhere to regulatory guidelines while maximising the benefits for both the organisation and its employees.