Corporate procurement negotiation

We understand that corporate procurement can be a complex process with significant implications for businesses. That’s why we offer our expertise and skilled negotiation strategies to guide you through this journey with confidence. We have significant experience in helping our vendor clients negotiate the sale and supply of software, goods or services to some of Australia’s largest businesses.   Over many years we have gained unique insight into their procurement practices and have learned how to navigate their internal politics to help you get the deal done.   We are also familiar with the regulatory environment in which they operate, which again helps close deals faster. We have particular experience in:
  • Negotiating large corporate master services agreements and statements of work
  • Preparing standard terms and conditions including master services agreements, data processing agreements and privacy policies for SAAS vendors, AI vendors and other software vendors
  • Dealing with complex data ownership issues
  • Understanding the Fintech regulatory space and how to sell to large banks and other financial institutions
  • Negotiations with government purchasing bodies, and navigating their internal policies and procedures