Welcome to Adventum Legal Melbourne

Welcome to Adventum Legal!

Published on 09 June 2019
Written by Darren Sommers

After many years of being asked by clients - "when are you starting your own thing" I decided to take the plunge. It wasn't an easy decision, I've been very happy in the firms I've worked with. But like my entrepreneurial clients I've always had an inner drive to create my own startup.

So I created Adventum Legal.

Adventum means "Adventure" in Latin. Why "adventure"? Well everyone who creates their own business embarks on their own journey and I am no different.

But this firm isn't really a startup. As its Principal I have been practising as a lawyer, with a focus on Technology Law, since 1998. In that time I've seen the Y2k bug, the birth of ecommerce, the birth of the internet as a commercial resource, the first .com boom, the first .com bust, the second .com boom and more. A lot has happened in technology in the last 20+ years and I've been at the forefront in designing new legal solutions to meet my client's needs.

But like every startup my business came from a vision. Adventum Legal was born from the vision to create a boutique law firm that bridges the gap between law, investment and innovation. To fill a need in the market place with a law firm that is focused on the needs of innovative businesses. That is our vision and we look forward to embarking on it to you.

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